Tokenexus Crypto Exchange

Tokenexus is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers investors a secure trading platform for their crypto trading needs. It is a growing platform that offers some of the most widely-traded cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It had also partnered with ShapeShift, one of the largest commercial companies in the industry. ShapeShift is known to provide instant exchange services of digital assets globally in both web and mobile platforms. This led to Tokenexus having the most favorable terms and rates that their traders can buy or sell with. 

Tokenexus Crypto Exchange

Tokenexus Review: Services and Features

Despite the fact that Tokenexus is still in the process of growing and acquiring more cryptocurrencies to support, it continually improves its services. Below are some of the most important facts and qualities that make this cryptocurrency exchange a good one:

Cryptocurrency Online-Wallet

The crypto online wallet is one of the most secure features of Tokenexus. It was developed with the vision of providing a safe crypto storage and secure online transactions for traders. Tokenexus gears most of their services towards safety and reliability, which is also seen in the enhanced security measures imposed on their platforms. The Crypto Online Wallet supports multiple currencies. It allows the storage, management, and exchange of these digital currencies. It is also a venue for viewing past transactions and balance history. It is also equipped with trading analytics created by Tokenexus’ team of experts. 

Digital Currencies

As stated above, Tokenexus is still in the process of adding to their supported cryptocurrencies, which is why there are only 22 tradable digital assets available on its platform at present. While this might be a deal breaker to many, others take it as an opportunity to build their portfolios around a number of assets. To acquire any of the cryptocurrencies offered by Tokenexus, you only need to follow a simple process. If you want to buy a cryptocurrency, you have to create an account. Then you can deposit funds and buy cryptocurrencies of your choice in your preferred fiat currency. To execute this transaction, you can use a credit card, a Visa, or a Mastercard. If you are not buying them in U.S. dollars, there are other fiat currencies laid out. Naturally, if you are able to buy these digital currencies, you can also sell your own on the platform. Another way of acquiring crypto currencies on Tokenexus is through exchanging your existing cryptocurrencies for another provided it is supported by the platform. The process of acquiring crypto on Tokenexus is normally quick and efficient. Also, you are guaranteed that your digital assets are secure in the transactions and when they are stored in your crypto online-wallet.

Tokenexus Blog

Tokenexus has a blog on its official website, which is a compilation of articles on the various aspects of cryptocurrency trading. This blog is updated weekly and tackles different topics like cryptocurrency mining, mobile crypto mining, and bitcoin paper wallet. It discusses the best cryptocurrencies to trade at the moment as well as new cryptocurrencies that can be mined. It includes articles on choosing cheap and low-cost GPUs, ethereum mining hardware, mining benchmark software, using blockchain, and making money through Bitcoin mining. The articles on this blog are very informative and extremely helpful to traders who are interested in expanding their knowledge about cryptocurrency trading. It also keeps them updated on news about the crypto market and provides forecasts for the future. 

Tokenexus Crypto Exchange

Tokenexus Customer Reviews

There are only a few reviews regarding the crypto exchange platform, Tokenexus. One that caught our eye is one written by TrustPilot. This Tokenexus review is yet another contribution. On these reviews, there are also clients who give their own feedback on work with this platform. There are a number of Tokenexus customer reviews on the internet that favor it as a crypto exchange, receiving as much as five out of five stars from former or existing clients. On TrustPilot’s website, there are only two reviews on Tokenexus, which both turn out to be positive.

“Excellent to deal with.” – Nikolay Kovtun

“Everything was good!” – Арсений Войтенко 

Both reviewers above gave Tokenexus a perfect rating of five stars, showing that they had great experience trading with this platform. Also according to the external information that TrustPilot acquired on Tokenexus, this exchange provides the fastest and easiest way to sell and buy also follows fast transaction processing with the best Bitcoin rates possible. Still, Tokenexus’ overall rating on TrustPilot is only 3.8, ranking it among mid-tier firms. 

Most of the other Tokenexus customer reviews praise this platform for its excellent services especially in customer service. The positive feedback also echoes this platform’s qualities such as strict adherence to terms and regulations and a tight verification process for potential clients. Traders will have to pass the KYC verification process before they can begin investing through the platform. Once registration is approved, the user can then withdraw cryptocurrencies from his own online crypto-wallet. Adding to security measures are limits to withdrawals per client per day. 

Tokenexus Scammers and Fraud: Are the Allegations True?

Even Tokenexus is not safe from negative reviews, especially coming from its former and existing clients. While this crypto exchange is relatively young and new to the industry, it has already been on the receiving end of negative customer reviews. However these are not scamming or fraud allegations. Contrary to other exchanges who have faced fraud accusations, Tokenexus’ reputation remains intact. 

It is common to read up on scamming allegations against brokerage firms and cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the trading industry. Due to the competitive nature of market players, bad press is sprawled all over the web. While there are legitimate reviews about certain companies given by clients, there are also reviews or client comments caused by tight competition. Fortunately, Tokenexus is not one of them. It has been criticized for a few things, such as the lack of offered investments, but it has not been accused of doing fraudulent financial transactions or scamming any of its clients. For these reasons, Tokenexus is trusted by many.