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Brokerage Company PRTrend: Is it a Scam or a Legit Broker? | forexdelta
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Brokerage Company PRTrend: Is it a Scam or a Legit Broker?

Trading triggers the interest of many individuals since it’s a profitable job. But even though trading can provide you with everything you want to have in life, you can’t deny that it comes with a risk.

Not every person is ready to take their time and study the trading process, and indeed, not everyone is ready to take risks. There is a less risky option – to use the services of brokers. A traditional broker invests in assets on behalf of a trader.

But today, users have another option — to use the services of brokerage companies. One such company is PRTrend or PowerTrend. This company is more than a broker. PRTrend offers an advanced trading platform with powerful tools and valuable resources to make trading easier, safer, and more profitable.

One of the reasons why some people hesitate to start using PRTrend is because of PRTrend scam reviews. Before investing in a company, it’s wise to learn more about its background. Read the review to learn more about PRTrend, what services it provides, and whether it’s a legitimate brokerage company.

PRTrend Overview

PRTrend or PowerTrend is a broker that offers valuable financial services. The company was launched in 2013, so it has valuable experience in providing brokerage services. Clients can check the company’s certificate in the Legal Documents section of the website. According to this certificate, PowerTrend has permission to provide brokerage services.

The PowerTrend broker company offers traditional brokerage services and some additional options for Forex. The company developed and launched an online platform with valuable resources for clients’ convenience. Users may choose from different types of accounts to start trading. Read further to learn more about the different types of tools and services the company provides to its users.

PRTrend Services and Tools

PowerTrend has one of the biggest and most complete trading tools and resources collections. The main goal of PowerTrend’s services is to provide Forex traders with guidance and access to valuable analytical tools. Thanks to these services, traders can successfully trade on any market.

The company has a very useful website that explains what to expect from working with PRTrend. Keep reading the article to learn more about the tools and resources available on PowerTrend and how they help to gain profit.

PRTrend Platforms

One of the reasons why clients choose PRTrend is its innovative approach to trading. PowerTrend offers access to the most innovative and valuable trading platforms, for instance:

  • xCritical.
  • MetaTrader 4.
  • MetaTrader 5.

These platforms have desktop and mobile versions for users’ convenience. Instead of trading by using outdated tools, PowerTrend offers to choose one or several platforms mentioned above. These platforms provide clients with signals and their interpretation, indicators, and even automatic market analysis.

Brokerage Company PRTrend: Is it a Scam or a Legit Broker?

Types of Accounts and Deposits

Experienced traders can spend a minimum deposit of $500 to get access to markets and a limited set of tools. But beginners may consider investing in one of three accounts to receive extra help and guidance. The website provides clients with the following options:

  • Standard account.
  • Gold account.
  • Premium account.

Each of these accounts has a minimum deposit. The Standard account requires $5.000, Gold and Premium accounts set minimum deposits at $10.000 and $35.000, respectively. Naturally, Premium account offers the most valuable set of trading tools and provides users with the best services. But it seems that even the Standard account allows traders to quickly receive profit.

Trading Tools

The tools section provides traders with valuable instruments. PowerTrend’s aim is to create a technically advanced environment by offering financial services and tools. The list of tools includes:

  • Indexes to help with trend forecasting. Successful traders use index trading to diversify their profiles and get passive income.
  • Stocks guarantee the ownership of a certain share within a company. Investing in stocks of major companies allows clients to gain decent passive income without trading. PowerTrend provides clients with analytical data and recommendations concerning what stock to buy.
  • The currency section of the website offers insights into the currency market. Buying and selling currency is one of the most popular trading methods to gain high profits. The currency section offers charts and analytical data that help to figure out what currencies are worth buying or selling.
  • The Cryptocurrency section of the PowerTrend website provides clients with valuable reports about cryptocurrencies. Multiple altcoins are worth investing in since they can skyrocket in price, just like Bitcoin once did. Tools provided in the cryptocurrency section help traders find promising altcoins.
  • The Commodities section helps traders who want to invest in metals, energy sources, and other similar assets. The goal is to diversify the trading profile while investing in the least volatile assets.

“Tools” is one of the most valuable sections of PowerTrend. Each above-mentioned tool provides traders with valuable information. For example, the Cryptocurrency section has information about currencies worthy of investing or selling. PowerTrend backs its recommendations by showing comprehensive charts and data analysis.

If a user has at least a Standard account, they gain more information. For instance, PowerTrend generates detailed reports about chosen assets. That way, traders know what assets to buy or sell.

Promotional Programs

PowerTrend stands out from the crowd of other similar brokerage companies since it provides convenient promotional programs. Read further to learn more about different types of promotions.

Demo Account

A Demo account is a real account, but it doesn’t require paying the first deposit. It’s more of a trial period since clients can use the Demo account for 14 days. The idea is to provide traders with access to some useful tools (not all tools are available) and an account with a low balance.

Then the trader can test PowerTrend’s services by using this account. The Demo account can be compared to a demo version of a casino game, except that traders get real profit. Clients can test various tools and use the Demo account to trade. This option is available during the first 14 days.

However, it’s impossible to withdraw any funds that the trader earns since they didn’t make a deposit. When the trial period is over, or if the trader decides to invest, it’s possible to withdraw money from the trading account.

Safe Trading

One of the requirements of PowerTrend is to make a minimum deposit. To protect clients’ funds, PRTrend offers insurance on clients’ investments.

This feature allows users to ensure that their initial investments are safe. However, insurance doesn’t protect traders from losing money when making a bad trade.

Personal Profit Plan

PowerTrend offers more than just trading tools and guidance. The broker also provides clients with personal profit plans. The aim is to set a goal and to determine methods that will help to reach this goal. For example, a goal is to increase the initial deposit by 10% in one month. The platform provides recommendations aimed to help reach this goal.

This section allows users to invest in the stock of major companies rather than trade on such platforms as Forex. The website offers a calculation function as soon as the user unlocks any of the three types of accounts. Moreover, to make the plan even more efficient, clients can use the help of their personal PowerTrend assistants.

Affiliate Program

PowerTrend has an affiliate program for those who like the brokerage company and want to invite their friends. The company offers a specific interest rate on a first deposit made by your friend. There are no limits on how many friends traders can invite.

Deposit Bonus

The aim of a first deposit bonus is to provide traders with better opportunities. Depositing a certain amount of money means getting a certain percentage on that deposit.

The brokerage company offers a bonus equal to the first deposit x bonus rate x 100. The more you invest, the higher the bonus rate. The bonus comes with a requirement. For example, a trader has to use the bonus to trade.

Training and the Educational Program

As mentioned, PowerTrend has created an online resource with everything a trader needs in one place. One of such needs is knowledge and information. The trading industry keeps changing, so it’s essential to keep studying new techniques to improve a trading strategy.

This section of the website provides access to educational materials. For example, you can check video tutorials, read articles and instructions explaining how to use indicators to enter and exit the market, etc. PowerTrend organizes webinars with some of the most successful traders who want to share their experiences with eager audiences.

Legal Documents

The brokerage company doesn’t hide anything from potential and actual clients. Anyone can visit the Legal Documents section to learn more about the company and what are the terms and conditions of using the website.

Brokerage Company PRTrend: Is it a Scam or a Legit Broker?

Is PRTrend a Scam?

As mentioned, PowerTrend has mixed reviews. Some users praise the brokers of the company, while others call them PRTrend scammers. Let’s try to figure out what are the complaints of the majority of users leaving negative reviews. The following accusations are the most common:

  • Complaint: PowerTrend has a registration in the Republic of Marshall Islands.Explanation: Some people claim that it’s a PRTrend cheating scam. In reality, the company is registered in the Republic of Marshall Islands to protect the privacy of the company’s owners, managers, and employees. Offshore registration is a common practice and does not affect the services provided by the company.
  • Complaint: PRTrend has a minimum deposit requirement.Explanation: Most brokerage companies require the first deposit. To start buying and selling assets, traders need to invest. It’s a common and reasonable requirement whether traders enter markets alone or with the help of brokers.
  • Complaint: The brokerage company doesn’t have a certificate.Explanation: PowerTrend discloses everything on their website. PRTrend recommends visiting the Legal Documents section. It has all the documents, terms, and conditions of using PowerTrend tools and a certificate that proves the company’s permission to provide brokerage services.

So, is it true that PowerTrend is a scam? It doesn’t seem to be true. The brokerage company is transparent about its services, and users can double-check everything by visiting the Legal Documents section of the website.

Final Thoughts

PowerTrend relies on the usage of innovative technologies and instruments to help clients maximize their profits. Instead of creating a platform once, PowerTrend company keeps optimizing its online service to keep in pace with modern trading trends.

The platform combines the most reliable instruments like indicators and signals interpretation tools with innovative technologies like trading robots and risk management tools. As a result, clients maximize their profits and get an edge over other traders.

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