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The Tradeallcrypto Crypto Broker: A Trustworthy Crypto Brokerage?

This Tradeallcrypto review gets into the meat of the brokerage’s service through months of testing and observation of all services that this Tradeallcrypto crypto broker offers. This had included the use of all the company’s trading tools and all its website functions. Exhaustive in nature, the review team aims into delivering a pointed and informed assessment of Tradeallcrypto which will either entice crypto traders to invest with it or not. 

The Tradeallcrypto Crypto Broker: A Trustworthy Crypto Brokerage?

Preliminary Findings

For the reader of this Tradeallcrypto review, please be advised that there is a lack in review literature regarding this Tradeallcrypto crypto broker. Alongside another review produced by the same review team for another website, this might be considered the first of a string of reviews for the company. 

The review team, as with its previous assessment, made it a point to revisit all the facets of the broker’s services, with a few tweaks and additions made on its original findings. 

While this is the case, the review still dwells on one of its most pertinent goals: either to disprove or affirm Tradeallcrypto fraud allegations. 

Tradeallcrypto Review

This Tradeallcrypto review takes a hard look into the following facets:

  1. The legal parameters the company had set for itself and its clients
  2. The regulatory body that sanctions all Tradeallcrypto’s operations
  3. The trading education tools available through the crypto trader’s platform and website
  4. The trading software the broker provides
  5. The trading accounts available to its clients
  6. Its standout features 

1. Legal Conditions 

The developers of Tradeallcrypto’s website had furnished it with the necessary legal parameters that both the broker itself and the clients must follow. The legal conditions include, the “Terms and Conditions” segment, the “Risk Disclosure Policy”, “Privacy Policy”, “Refund and Return Policy”, and the “Anti-Money Laundering” disclosure protocol. Simply put, these segments establish legality and liability in transactions that the crypto traders and provider will be engaged in. What this telegraphs is that customers willing to make transactions through the Tradeallcrypto crypto broker are educated with possible liabilities that both parties may have in their endeavour with the broker. If the trader is sharp enough or had actually gone through the literature, fewer complaints would be lodged. 

2. Regulation

It must be grounded that Tradeallcrypto had not declared if it is in fact being regulated by any international or local financial authority. A thorough search of the firm’s official website does make it clear that TLM Ltd. stands as the broker’s umbrella company, and that it legally operates within the Grenadines. However, Tradeallcrypto had failed to mention its license number as a cryptocurrency trader and the regional regulator supposedly sanctioned to provide it.

This fact throws doubt on Tradeallcrypto’s reputation and legitimacy. 

3. Educational Tools

Projecting itself as a client-centric entity, Tradeallcrypto had provided its website with a selection of educational materials. A trader would find an economic calendar, real-time market news, up-to-date market reviews, and a comprehensive spread table within Tradeallcrypto’s education segment. 

The Tradeallcrypto crypto broker also throws in the direct assistance of 27 technical specialists. 

4. Partner Trading Platform

Tradeallcrypto also enlisted the services of trading platform titan, MetaQuotes to provide MetaTrader 4’s (MT4) web version. MT4 is prized and praised by many for its highly-intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface. However, it would have been more commendable if Tradeallcrypto had actually provided the desktop application as well.

Logic dictates that provision of the MT4 by a brokerage entails the furnishing of the necessary license or statement of usage by that firm. What this means is that Tradealllcrypto should have gone through a number of processes and spending to acquire this service.   

5. Types of Trading Account

Tradeallcrypto has five (5) types of trading accounts that it makes available to its clients: 

5.1. Start Account

Requiring only an initial minimum deposit of $250 to $3,000, this trading account avails clients a bonus of only 50%. It adheres to the standard rules for withdrawal procedures. Through this account, various analytical materials, educational materials, and a broker introduction are provided to the clients.   

5.2. Silver Account

This type of account only requires a deposit of $3,001 to $10,000. It also offers what the Start account makes available. What separates it from the previous account type is its provision of a trader’s own financial analyst.

5.3. Gold Account

One can avail of this account through a minimum deposit of $10,001 to $50,000. What’s new with this type of account it its provision of an individual weekly review of the client’s trading account by a financial analyst of at least 30 minutes every session. 

5.4. Platinum Account

This type of account can be opened for $50,001 to $100,000. Apart from the preliminary offers, the Platinum account facilitates an individual weekly review for a total of 2 hours, the production of a trading plan, and the development of a trading strategy. 

5.5. VIP Account

Understandably the most expensive among the other Tradeallcrypto accounts, the VIP account is opened through a deposit of $100,001 and above. Through this, clients are availed of all the previously-mentioned offers, with financial reviews done whenever the trader wants to and regardless of length, a quarterly or annual trading plan, the development of a trading strategy, alongside a number of tools and trading techniques. 

On the get-go, it can already be observed that these accounts are pricey, with the differences in offers not that necessarily disparate from the each account. 

6. Standout Feature

Tradeallcrypto has what is called a “Know Your Client Policy” (KYC Policy). This function strengthens client verification process. The KYC Policy is an effective security protocol that requires multiple documents, namely, the Proof of Identification, Proof of Residence, and copies of the client’s credit card. 

This policy is a testament that this Tradeallcrypto crypto broker extends all it capacities to secure trader’s personal data. What this strongly suggests is as the company recognizes its accountability it is also sharp in safeguarding itself from the possible liabilities from its potential clients.

The Tradeallcrypto Crypto Broker: A Trustworthy Crypto Brokerage?

Tradeallcrypto Customer Reviews: Client Testimonies

It had already been mentioned early on that this review might be the first in Tradeallcrypto customer reviews. As such, looking for Tradeallcrypto customer reviews that bear actual client testimonies would only prove futile. 

The review team had found out that the broker actually adheres strictly to its Terms and Conditions. The KYC Policy is effective for filtering legitimate clients. Also commendable is its Anti-Laundering policy that does the clients well in eliminating possible shady and fraudulent individuals. These conditions strongly suggest that the broker looks out for the welfare of its clients. 

The only thing that actually irks the review team is the absence of a regulatory board. This throws suspicion to Tradeallcrypto’s legitimacy as a broker. And the fact that there is a scarcity of Tradeallcrypto customer reviews is not helping to dispel doubts. 

This poses the question: is Tradeallcrypto fraudulent or not?

Tradeallcrypto Fraud?

The lack of regulation from a financial authority is a major blow to Tradeallcrypto’s marketing campaign. And while there are no customer reviews that tag the broker as Tradeallcrypto fraud, it is easy to get turned off by this broker’s lack of testimonies.

This is an assessment not to be taken lightly given the high costs that each Tradeallcrypto trading account requires. 

If one is thinking of signing up for Tradeallcrypto, it would be best to look intently into Tradeallcrypto’s live site. It is also advised to scout the web for potential client testimonies that might lead the interested party into either signing up for the firm or disregarding it altogether.