Maxitrade information about the broker – broker overview

Maxitrade is a cryptic forex broker with simplified deposit and withdrawal conditions, which operates on the popular MT4 trading platform. There is no monthly fee and the broker has no commission either. Professional traders work in technical support.

The broker offers 5 types of trading accounts: “Start” with minimum deposit from $250, “Silver” from $3000, “Gold” from $10,000, “Platinum” from $50,000 and “VIP” from $100,000. To access Maxitrade login, you must register by clicking the highlighted blue button on the top panel.

To make withdrawals in Maxitrade, you must follow the instructions on the platform and go through the verification process to confirm your identity.

You can deposit funds in various ways: WebMoney, Visa, MasterCard, Qiwi, Maestro, Bitcoin. Unlike Maxitrade Agricole Trade and Maxi Aspen, they charge fees when withdrawing funds from your bank account.


Maxitrade broker reviews:

“I have always treated trading like a lottery: I expected to reach the maximum by investing the minimum. Everything has changed after I have been trained with Maxitrade analysts. Now I know the rules of proper capital distribution and I follow the rules of risk management. This allows you to earn an appropriate income with minimum risk. After this course, I started earning $1,000 a month.”
“I’ve been working with a broker for 3 years. I’ve learned a lot. In the first year, I suffered terrible losses due to a bad approach to trade, but gradually I managed to get out of the way. Once upon a time I waited a very long time for a payout. There were some problems with documents, of course I was terribly nervous, but finally I got the money. I earn $500 a month, I travel almost all the time. ”


Are Maxitrade scammers or not?

There are two user groups on the network. Some praise the broker, say he is reliable and has a lot of advantages. Others complain about the loss of funds and shout that Maxitrade scams. Who’s right? Who is the broker, really?

We checked the company for regulator availability in several international registers. You can check the certificate on their website. Also, the KNF has never had any claims against Maxitrade.

First of all, negative opinions are written by people who do not know about trading. They bring the balance to zero by opening loss-making transactions and then accuse the analyst and broker. Negative reviews are also left by people who have not read the risk warning on the Maxitrade website. Users who write that Maxitrade scams simply can’t manage their own finances.

Maxitrade risk warning

There is a “Risk Warning” section on the broker’s website. Before opening an account, each trader can read the contents of this document.

First of all, the Maxitrade warning says that you should be aware of the risks involved in trading. You must also confirm that you have read the User Agreement.

Furthermore, you must be at least 18 years old and the data you enter during registration must be reliable. Otherwise, the broker is not responsible for your funds.

If you don’t fully understand the broker’s rules, Maxitrade lawyer will be able to help you understand the general rules of the User Agreement.

Broker’s advantages

Portfolio investments;
  • Investment account;
  • Training;
  • Bonuses for beginners;
  • Report season;
  • Market review, news.

The investment account service provides access to early withdrawal. To install it, you need to contact your analyst, after which the account will be operated for free. The trading account is available for traders with an average balance of 150,000 USD. The profitability of a client who actively participates in trading is 70-85% per month from the initial deposit.


Anyone can sign up for trading courses, where experienced players share useful skills. You will complete a full course on trading strategies, risk management, learn how to build trend lines, support and resistance levels.

This knowledge will help you to close trading sessions without losses and earn about 30% of your deposit amount.

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