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Is Truly a Trustworthy Binary Options Trader?

The body of online literature discussing’s services had resulted in an optimistic image for the brokerage. A great number accepted the popular opinion that is a good company to do Binary Options trading through, subscribing to its efficiency across its offers namely the trading platforms offered, trading accounts, and the withdrawals and deposits alongside the fee infrastructures for such. The longer trading hours and wholly responsive and friendly support team have also been cited to be a part of the positive trading experience with

However, much like any other good-willed and well-reviewed brokerages, has its share of bad press. These negative testimonies allude to the opposite of positive ones, namely the challenging fee structure of withdrawals and the apparent dishonesty of members of the support team when discussing the details of the firm’s offers.

This is rather confusing and polarizing at the very least. As this is the case, the review team opted to look into certain facets of’s services, specifically those that actual clients and traders can actually benefit from.The following aspects of the services the firm sustains would also be thrown in the mix:

1.’s offering of high liquidity

2.      The classifications of trades the firm allows its its clients to perform

3.’s live account types

4.      The security the firm offers

Is Truly a Trustworthy Binary Options Trader?

A Short Background of specializes in the trading of Binary Options and its usage of cryptocurrency wallets and systems. It allows its clients to delve into high frequency trades open to minimal to zero risks. is a standout among other brokerages offering Binary Options trading and cryptocurrency wallets in that it offers crowd sourcing alongside a liquidity pool that its clients share with fellow traders within the system.

Broker-less by orientation, is actually more inclined to being a tech solutions provider rather than an actual brokerage firm.

Trading Binary Options through may appear daunting at first to the uninitiated given that losses are always in the cards. It is thus recommendable to take whatever result one would take away from initial trades from any financial company providing the same offerings with a grain of salt.

Is Truly a Trustworthy Binary Options Trader?’s Outstanding Offers

Classifications of Live Accounts

Choosing to open a live account with gives the client the opportunity to directly make trades t electronic wallet. The firm offers a myriad of account classifications, for the sake of a more convenient and tight discussion, we will look into the two clusters of live accounts. These are as follows:

1. Crypto eWallet Account

The traders are open to the trading without subscribing to a mediator. Such cuts down costs in manpower and trading fees.

2. Regular Account

Here, a client is required to deposit a minimum amount of only $10. This would make the client eligible for an Ethereum wallet. The blockchain then reflects all trades made through this account. The returns will then be deposited to the wallet. This account requires $1 as a minimum trade.

The trade value required for the Wallet Account is $50.00. If the trader wins the trade, then the money he or she had paid would be credited back to him

Trade Types Available Client Can Perfom

1.      Short Trades

Novice traders wanting to see quick results and even quicker expiry times are the primary consideration for this trading type. They can choose which trades to choose may it be last 60 seconds, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, and above.

2.      Intraday Trades

Lasting for 12-24 hours, trading types were tailored fit for Binary Options traders.The Market movement is higher in this type of trading. But for the same reason, the risks are higher for this trading classification.

3.      Placement Trades

This is further subdivided into two categories:

3.1. Standard Immediate Trade

Here the client administers the trades which are entered instantly.

3.2. The Pending Order Trade

Future prices for the assets are largely considered with the placement of this type of trade. When the price is reached at a certain point in time, the trade begins.

Is Truly a Trustworthy Binary Options Trader?

Trade With A Recommendation

From the points of discussions made in this brief online assessment, it had been made apparent that the brokerage, has enticing offers for their already existing clients and those who might be thinking of joining them. The types of the trades also open up the firm’s clients to more possibilities and more chances to expand their trading portfolios.

With respect to the methodology and the way by which it handles Binary Options,’s clients are protected from great risks in trading. The trading conditions are highly intuitive and foster safe transactions. Given the premise, would prove good a venue for parties desiring to make lucrative trades in the field of Binary Options and cryptocurrency trading.