Is AvaTrade a Brokerage We can Trust

An organic search of available AvaTrade reviews across the worldwide web reveal a number of testimonies made in favour of the brokerage. AvaTrade had received numerous positive remarks regarding its services specifically pertaining to its services provided for Copy Trading, its mobile application, and its available resources for research and education.

With its reputation preceding it, signing up for the brokerages services might prove an easy choice to make profitable gains with endeavours made within the trading industry. As this is the case, this might sound like another voice in an already loud and repetitive choir. Hence, the review team is only producing this literature in light of three goals:

  1. To render a pointed and well-informed assessment of the brokerage firm to assist interested parties in making an informed decision on whether or not they should sign up for the firm
  2. To make a contribution particularly to the review of a brokerage that specializes in Copy Trading
  3. To know the services of a firm reputed for good investor education

This review is a result of months spent with AvaTrade. The review team had made use of all services and offers that AvaTrade had made available to its clients. The team had employed an exhaustive methodology to test all the functionalities available through the brokerage’s site. It is the aim of the review team to disclose AvaTrade’s level of competence through a thorough assessment of its capabilities. This review would focus on the following facets:

  1. Trading Instruments
  2. Offered Trading Platforms
  3. Fee Structures 
  4. Research and Education
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About AvaTrade

Established back in 2006, AvaTrade is seen by the trading industry as one of the most trustworthy brokerages out there that delves into Copy Trading, Forex, and CFDs Trading. It is considered safe by a majority of seasoned traders, alluding to its regulation by three tier-1 authorities and three tier-2 financial authorities. This assures its clients the safety of their funds.

Much can be said about AvaTrade’s reputation regarding its appeal as a low-cost brokerage firm. However, popular opinion still holds IG and Saxo Bank among those that step up to expectations. However, the review team had noted that Professional traders within the European Union prefer AvaTrade more than the aforementioned brokerages. 

Preliminary Findings: Copy Trading, Security, and Regulation

Apart from excelling in Copy Trading and the security that it provides to its client’s funds, AvaTrade also offers high bonuses and competitive spreads.

To reiterate, the review team had found it a precedent that it is being sanctioned by tier-1 and tier-2 regulatory bodies. AvaTrade is high trust in that it is regulated by tier-1 regulators namely, Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) and the Japanese Financial Services Authority (JFSA) and tier-2 regulators, Australian Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC) and the Japanese Financial Services Authority (JFSA). 

Брокер AvaTrade: какие условия торговли предлагаются инвесторам?

Offers and Services

Trading Instruments

AvaTrade gives its clients access to a wide range of trading instruments including Forex (for Spot Trading), Forex Currency Pairs (55 pairs), CFDs (722), Social Trading/Copy Trading, and Cryptocurrency traded as CFDs.

Offered Trading Platforms

AvaTrade makes two of its propriety platforms available and the MetaTrader 4 platform:

  1. AvaTrade WebTrader 

The review team had found this platform to be well-designed and highly-responsive. Its charts have 90 indicators. It is compatible with a wide selection of trading tools found in Trading Central. 

  1. AvaOptions

AvaOptions is the firm’s trading platform for Forex Options. It has both a desktop and mobile application making for the ease of transactions. AvaTrade gives access to the Options markets for a deposit of $1,000. The complexity of the platform is obviously meant for professionals. To attract more clients, the review team recommends that the design be reconsidered.

  1. MetaTrader

MetaQuotes’ MetaTrader Platform is widely used and popular in light of its neat and intuitive interface. It offers over 800 tradable symbols.  

Fee Structures

The spreads offered by AvaTrade are at par with what the industry holds as standard. The spread in the EUR/USD is 0.9 pips. Should one be a professional trader, he or she would find the pips for EUR/USD to 0.6. 

Meanwhile, the minimum deposit to open an account is at $100. 

Research and Education

AvaTrade is seen as one of the brokerages that offers purposeful content for its client’s holistic trading education.  However, one of the things that the review team had noted is that its in-house research materials are confined within its YouTube account. And while we say “limited” the main content is not as it is religiously being updated by its admin.

Another worthy of note with the firm is its third-party content, specifically from Trading Central. It is integrated with the AvaTrade web platform with its partnership with Market Buzz, Analyst Views, Featured Ideas section and an economic calendar. 

Trade with AvaTrade Today!

With the points mentioned here, the prospect of trading through AvaTrade is an enticing one. Its provision for Copy Trading, selection of assets, and education is actually enough to prompt any trader, novice or seasoned to sign up. 

However, what really caught the attention of review team is AvaTrade’s offered trading platforms. The trading software are highly efficient in that these provide a number of trading tools that would allow for the building of strong investment portfolios.

The review team strongly recommends trading with AvaTrade.