How to choose broker platform for day trading

If you are starting to get acquainted with intraday trading, you must have already heard something about the stock market. There are quite high risks, but there is a likelihood of high profits. In intraday trading, it is very important to learn how to control risks and constantly practice strategies. This allows you to learn how to work inside the day quickly and is very important for subsequent trading. In fact, as soon as you find your working strategy, you can start trading on a demo, and after that, you will get the opportunity to make a profit. You can read more about this in the articles. You can read more about this in the articles Short Selling strategies for Trader, Short term trading, Top 5 most accurate intraday trading indicators.

It may take from six months to a year from the moment you start trading with your first profit. In order to become a successful day trader, you will need a high-speed best broker trading platform, high-quality Internet, and a broker platform. Naturally, you should already have a trading plan developed.

Decide on trading tools

To choose the best broker platform for you, it is recommended to decide on the types of financial instruments with which you will work. Most traders believe that platform for day trading is only suitable for stock markets. However, it is possible to work also with Forex instruments, futures and options, and other derivative instruments. Novice traders are advised to work with only one type of financial instrument before expanding their arsenal in the future. Most beginners get the impression that they need to start at $ 25,000 to comply with the Pattern Day Trader rule. 

Determine the best broker platform for intraday trading

As soon as a trader decides which assets he plans to trade with, it is necessary to start searching for a broker platform comparison.

Broker platforms usually try to attract as many intraday traders as possible, and this is understandable – they earn more on commissions if the number of transactions grows.

Take into account commissions

Commissions, margin rates, and other expenses can quickly “eat” the profit of an intraday trader.

The fact is that commission costs can lead to the loss of hundreds and even thousands of US dollars for traders working with large volumes.

Thus, given the costs of working with a broker, a trader should pay a lot of attention to issues of commissions.


The speculative nature of the platform for day trading requires high-quality analytical tools. Technical and fundamental indicators are the foundation of any system.

Accordingly, when choosing a broker platform, you must pay attention to the availability of high-quality tools for analysis.


Before you start working with a particular broker, you need to make sure that you can get the best software in terms of schedules.

And here the choice is usually very wide. And each trader chooses something of his own. Even if you ask 10 traders what they like, you will get 10 answers.


For high-frequency traders, the speed of execution of transactions is also important. Any delay even for a second can “eat” part of the profit.

Accordingly, how to choose broker platform should offer an optimized trading interactive broker platform with a simple and intuitive interface.

Demo accounts

Novice traders need to practice without risking real money. Therefore, you should pay attention to whether the broker offers trading on a demo or not.

Some market participants do not agree with this approach, but if you are afraid of immediately starting work on a real account, it is worth trying a demo.