Get Backed: Craft your Story, Build the Perfect Pitch Deck, and Launch the Venture of your Dreams by Evan Baehr & Evan Loomis

Get Backed


While Evan Baehr and Evan Loomis’ ‘Get Backed: Craft your Story, Build the Perfect Pitch Deck, and Launch the Venture of your Dreams’ can be perceived as a handbook for startup fundraising, the information it offers is much more than the title gives itself credit for. ‘Get Backed’ is a perfect reference and guide for those who want to pursue an idea and create a network that would help it launch off the ground. This book itself features the authors and entrepreneurs, Evan Loomis and Evan Baehr, stories with fifteen real-life examples of fifteen ventures that managed to amass over $150 million. In addition, this book will help aspiring entrepreneurs to create a pitch deck that can initiate and build relationships from investors to potential cofounders. A well-written and illustrated guide that is sure to provide the tools necessary to get funded for your idea and turn it into a reality.  

About the Author

Evan Baehr and Evan Loomis are writers and entrepreneurs who have amassed over $45 million to kick start their projects and ideas. Included in their list of ventures, both Baehr and Loomis managed to fund and start AngelList, which is the second-largest fundraising platform in the world. 

Furthermore, Evan Baehr is the cofounder of a tech company called Able, which has committed itself to support small businesses around the United States with low-interest loans.

Evan Loomis has always had a soft spot for helping startups get on its feet. If he isn’t helping a small business financially, he is also working as a mentor for entrepreneurship programs such as Techstars and Praxis. Loomis himself is a founder of Tradecraft, a venture fund for high growth businesses, and is the head of Corporate Strategy at Corinthian Health Services.

Table of Contents

  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  1. Create Your Pitch
    1. The Birth of the Pitch Deck
    2. The Building Blocks of a Pitch Deck
    3. Story
    4. Design
    5. Text
    6. Actual Pitch Decks
    7. Pitching Excercises
  2. Get Backed
    1. A Primer on Startup Financing
    2. Overview of Funding Sources
    3. Intro
    4. Build
    5. Delight
    6. Invite
  • Conclusion
  • Index
  • About the Authors