Cryptocurrency Exchange: Beaxy Review

Beaxy Exchange is the new addition to the growing and becoming even more competitive industry of trading. This exchange offers competitive prices on trading some of the most popular and widely-traded crypto like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Beaxy Exchange is available in 185 countries and 43 U.S. states. To check the Beaxy Exchange website, click Find out below why you should trade with Beaxy, or why not.

“The New Beaxy Exchange”

The new Beaxy Exchange is a much improved version of it compared to when it was launched a few years ago. It improved on three things: features on the exchange, how the system works, and what the client can benefit from. 

On the exchange’s features, Beaxy has created a new approach. It upgraded the interface to make it more user-friendly and easy to navigate. It also worked on customer centric creativity, better technology, and engagement with crypto smarter. The system also worked on providing additional features, including a multi-stage but seamless process of transactions and the opportunity to buy not only Bitcoin, but other cryptocurrencies, too. 

With the new Beaxy Cryptocurrency Exchange, traders will benefit from operational efficiencies, constant innovations, and an empowered financial freedom. All of these in a forward-looking exchange that takes into account client experience and an open approach to new technologies. The new version of Beaxy sets a new goal for each of its clients. 

The Advantages of Trading with Beaxy

Beaxy has several advantages to offer its clients, from low fees, to a powerful platform, and to a comprehensive support system. 

Match Bonus

Beaxy is generous in giving bonuses and pushes customers to make successful trades. This is the reason why the exchange implemented a match bonus that gives additional funds of the exact amount as the client deposited. However, the bonus starts at the $500 mark. If you deposited $500 minimum, you will receive an additional $500 in your account.

Beaxy Platform

The Beaxy Platform is easy to navigate and well-equipped with hundreds of tools and indicators. It has a clear format of charting, which can be modified with different time intervals. The platform is also packed with trading strategies that assist clients in trading. Through Beaxy’s platform clients, novice or otherwise, are given the chance to experience charting like a professional..

Beaxy Mobile Platform

You can trade on-the-go using the Beaxy mobile platform, which is available for Android and iOS. You can trade like a professional and access the markets wherever you are. The mobile platform offers the same functionality as the web platform, so you can expect nothing but the best. 

Public API

Beaxy’s Public API Portal provides real-time market data, which means that traders will no longer connect to multiple exchanges to get the best market prices. You can also view historical price and volume data, as well as receive notifications when trades are executed.


Algorithmic trading is made easier with Hummingbot through its advanced strategies and an automated trading that functions day and night. It has a user-friendly interface, allowing even novice traders to perform algorithmic trading without prior knowledge. 

Beaxy Black

Beaxy’s VIP program opens clients to special perks and advantages. This is a membership program that lets investors increase their BXY token rewards and Bitcoin rewards for up to 30%. This program has a built-in customer support team that will assist the trader with anything.

Buy, Sell, and Exchange Crypto on Beaxy

Beaxy was developed with a key vision of providing convenience in buying, selling, and exchanging cryptocurrencies. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies on this exchange follows a simple and hassle-free process. Before you can begin filling in orders and executing trades, you have to create an account with Beaxy. Your registration will go through a comprehensive verification process. Once you are verified, you can deposit funds to your account and use the logins verified by Beaxy.

To purchase, select any crypto supported by Beaxy. This will then form an order, which is transferred to an order book. This order book contains buy and sell orders on an asset, which are then matched by the engine to complete the transaction. Once your trade is executed and complete, you will receive the crypto in your wallet. 

This follows the same process as selling cryptocurrency on Beaxy. When the trade is complete, you will receive your funds on your account. When exchanging a cryptocurrency for another, you have to make sure that the cryptocurrency you are holding and the one you want to exchange it for are both supported by Beaxy. You can check the complete list of cryptocurrencies Beaxy supports on their website and to learn more about buying, selling, and exchanging crypto.

Beaxy Exchange Blog and Support

The Beaxy Blog is a compilation of news articles and tutorials about cryptocurrency trading. It provides extensive knowledge about the crypto industry, the history of Bitcoin, and reviews about new applications and technologies relevant to crypto trading. 

An example of the articles included on Beaxy’s blog is “Introduction to Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Crypto Markets.” This article discusses the foundation of Bitcoin, how it increases in value, and why trading in cryptocurrencies is the next big investment. It is a well-detailed explanation of the beginnings of digital currency and its role in the future of financial markets. Other articles listed on the Blog are about the STK Standard, the lightning network, and crypto portfolio indexes. 

Beaxy Exchange Final Review

Beaxy clearly has a lot to offer. Despite its relative infancy to other major exchanges in the industry, Beaxy has proven to be a major contender in the market. This goes from high-grade features such as displaying real-time market price and volume data that allows traders to solely rely on this exchange instead of opening multiple ones to a powerful platform equipped with hundreds of tools and indicators accessible in a single touch. Its services are competitive and match those of big crypto exchanges. While the assets offered by Beaxy are still limited as of the moment, the exchange currently works on supporting more cryptocurrencies in the future. Once more cryptocurrencies are released, what with the current services offered by this exchange, Beaxy is set to boom in the near future.