Why Just2Trade is a Good Brokerage to Perform Trades With

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Competitive margins, fee transparency, and a wide selection of tradable assets are only a few of offerings that Just2Trade clients are able to access. For some, these are already enough to choose the firm as its go-to for all trading solutions. Admittedly, the total number of 30,000 assets for trading are seen as more than sufficient to build strong and notable investment portfolios.

While this is sound reason, fact of the matter is, there are other factors that contribute to the totality of Just2Trade’s services. This in consideration, the review team had gone at length to include other assessment points to paint a holistic evaluation of the brokerage’s services. This literature will go into discussing the pertinent facets of the firm’s operations namely, its offered trading instruments, the live accounts that are allowed to be opened, and the trading software provided through each account.

All About Just2Trade

Based in Cyprus, Just2Trade is brokerage that has been operating since the early chapters of 2006. Since its inception, the firm had taken in over hundreds of thousands of clients across the globe.

Just2Trade currently enjoys a legal status through the regulation of the CySEC, a notable financial regulatory institution within Cyprus. Answering to this authority means that the firm complies with ESMA’s MiFID mandate, thus being given the clout to administer its operations in regions within the EEA. As of writing, it had also gone under the regulation of the FINRA, NFA, and the SIPC.

Just2Trade is classified as an STP broker despite the low rates and highly competitive spreads.

With its regulatory position in the cards, Just2Trade’s reputation as a trustworthy brokerage is solidified, keeping traders who had chosen to enlist with it assured that they are indeed in the right hands.

  Just2Trade’s Numerous Offerings and Services

Assets that Just2Trade Gives Access To

As already mentioned, one of the things that the online community praises about Just2Trade’s offerings is its access to over 30,000 instruments that its clients can trade. These instruments are found across 20 asset markets. These assets include Foreign Currency pairs, Futures, Options, and Stocks. These asset classes are more than enough to build good investment portfolios and allow traders to make exponential earnings.

Just2Trade Live Account Types

Just2Trade had developed three account types for traders of all walks of life. These live accounts are:

1. The Forex Standard

This account is ideal for novice traders. The costs for all trading transactions are integrated into the Spread.

2. Forex ECN

The mid-tier account, the Forex ECN account makes use of ECN Execution that are of decent to high speeds.

3. MT5 Global

Among the three accounts, this live account allows for high volume trades.

A minimum deposit of only $100.00 is required to go about creating a live account. The fees charged are of course dependent on the assets that one chooses to trade. The commissions and leverages are all lowered making them highly competent for all types of traders.

No fees are charged for both deposit and withdrawal processes.

Trading Software Options

Just2Trade allows traders four (4) options for the brand of trading software.

From MetaQuotes, the brokerage offers both the MT4 and the MT5. These platforms, as one may already be aware of are the most used and trusted in the trading industry given the speed of both and the reliability of the trading tools that it has in its artillery, including a Technical Analysis tool and customizable charts.

The third platform is the CQG software that as the capability of accessing over 40 exchanges across the globe including ones for Futures and Options. The software has been in use by the industry for over 3 decades.

The fourth software is ROX. This platform provides access to exchanges from Canada, all European regions, Mexico, and the United States. ROX is one of sophistication in function but remain to be intuitive and therefore easy to navigate.

The Takeaway: Why You Should Trade Through Just2Trade

With all that had been laid out in the review, it is already apparent that trading through Just2Trade would be a highly lucrative endeavor given the trading conditions that the firm provides.

The live accounts, while there are only three are highly competent in that each is designed to cater to a particular trader type. The fees contained in each are competent and does not demand much from its users.

The various trading software that each live account provides are sophisticated and offers multi-functional trading tools that give users the capability of determining good transactions and making the best out of them.

The number of assets that are presently accessible are the main hook here. With over 30,000 instruments, Just2Trade traders are given the chance to make more out of enlisting with the firm. This offering, combined with the firm’s regulatory status makes for an excellent brokerage to partner with.

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