Is Fusion Markets a Good Broker to Deal With?

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Fusion Markets had received the admiration of the online trading community for its competitive fees and the speedy process in opening an account. On top of this, its clients also highly appreciate the fact that its customer support system responds quickly, thus addressing client concerns immediately.

Of course, these are not the only things that the firm has going for them. To paint a complete picture of Fusion Markets’ capabilities and key competencies, the review team will be assessing its primary offerings namely the assets that the firm gives access for trading, the firm’s live trading accounts, and the trading software provided within each account.


Fusion Markets: What You Need to Know

A brokerage established in Australia, Fusion Markets specializes in trading CFDs and Foreign Currencies. Operating since 2010, the firm goes under the regulation of two notable financial authorities. The first one is ASIC which sanctions its activities down-under and the second one, VFSC for its regional operations in Vanuatu.

With these two regulators in the cards, Fusion Markets’ clients are assured of the firm’s legitimacy. The only thing that should be ascertained is the kind of investor protection the firm offers.

Another thing worthy of note is Fusion Markets’ accolades which as of writing had amounted to two. The first award had been given in light of the discounts that it offers and the other one being a good platform that offers MetaTrader 4.

What’s in Store for the Firm’s Clients

The Assets That Can Be Traded Through the Firm

If we are to solely look at the Foreign Currency pairs that Fusion Markets gives access to, it would be easy to see that the firm offers the highest number among its known competitors. It offers a total of 81 currencies for traders to choose from.

However, this is the only asset that the firm can be notable for. With its other trading instruments namely as the Stock Index CFDs, Commodity CFDs, and Cryptocurrencies, it admittedly offers the lowest number.

The trader is given the allowance of adjusting the leverage value up to 500:1. These are evidently higher than what the traders from the European Union get given that the firm is sanctioned by the ASIC.

Available Live Accounts

Fusion Markets gives its clients the opportunity of trading through 2 types of account.

The Classic Account is the firm’s Standard Account counterpart wherein the fees are in already integrated in the spreads with the commissions free of charge. The ECN Account charges commissions and offers tighter spreads.

Opening either of these accounts entail a highly digital process. The entire application is done through Fusion Markets’ website. Account verification only requires the submission of identification documents like  a passport or a driver’s license.

To fund these accounts, debit or credit cards are allowed. Withdrawals and deposits come with no charges.

Trading Platform Provision

Fusion Markets is a MetaTrader-only brokerage. Through the iteration offered by the firm MT4 is available through many different languages such as Arabic, French, German, Greek, and Hebrew among others.

The software for trading can be customized  and is replete with a wide range of trading tools like technical indicators, charts, and a number of trading signals.

As it may already be known, the MT4 platform works speedily and has an over-all intuitive user interface.

The Letdown

Despite the many offerings and features that the firm provides its clients, the matter stands that it does have a few things that goes against it.

As already mentioned, the review team had found the asset offerings to be rather limiting given that the asset classes only comprise of Foreign Currencies, Crypto, and CFDs.

Education is one of the fields that the firm that the community finds wanting. The only educational channel Fusion Markets offers is its Demo Account. The trader is expected to learn trading through the conduct of simulated trades alone. No articles or video tutorials are offered through any segment of the brokerage’s site.

On top of this, no investor protection is provided in any facet of Fusion Markets’ services. This renders all trades administered through the firm with high risks despite being assured of regulation.

What We Could Takeaway

To be frank, the things that are going for Fusion Markets equal that of its bad points. It would be recommendable for the firm to add the accessible assets for its clients. It would do them well to offer the underlying assets of the CFDs and include more asset classes.

They would also benefit from providing investor protection in the event of extreme losses and insolvency.

And while offering MetaTrader 4 as a software is seen as a wise move, it would also do Fusion Markets good if it were to offer a proprietary platform. Should these points be addressed, then the firm would be one good

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