Is Ayondo a Brokerage Firm We Can Rely On?

This review is a result of months spent with the brokerage firm, Ayondo. The review team had performed an exhaustive examination of the firm’s capabilities to render a detailed and well-informed assessment of the firm’s quality of service.

To serve the cause, the review team had looked into the following aspects of Ayondo’s offerings:

1. The firm’s regulatory status

2. The trading instruments accessible through the firm

3. The fees charged for the opening of trading accounts that Ayondo provides its clients

4. The Leverages and Spreads available to traders through Ayondo’s service 

5. The trading platform that the firm provides through the trading accounts 

Is Ayondo a Brokerage Firm We Can Rely On?

About Ayondo

Originally based in Germany, the brokerage firm, Ayondo was founded with democratization of trading in mind. The company is part of the Fintech Group and had been established back in 2008. 

Ayondo offers its clients the option of doing trades through Social Trading that permits novice traders to copy the trades of the more seasoned and tenured ones.

Ayondo recognizes that the methodology of Social Trading is picking up steam. Such had rendered high growth rates. With the firm, investors who had opted to Social Trading are able to keep tabs on their trades real time. Through Ayondo, these are completely automated. 

As of writing, Ayondo had already gathered a total of 210,000 users from over 200 countries.

The firm finds regulation through the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFIN), the financial authority that sanctions all trading entities within Germany. Ayondo furthers its regulation through the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which regulates all brokerages in the United Kingdom. The firm had been listed under the authority as Ayondo Markets Ltd. is headquartered in London.

While the BaFIN and FCA are responsible for regulating Ayondo’s trading activities, it is not made clear by the brokerage as to what authorities hold the reins in its base of operations in countries such as Singapore, Switzerland, and Spain.   

Notable Awards

Ayondo had been recognized through its efforts of delivering financial trading technologies and tools. Back in 2013, the firm had been recognized as one of the top 50 Financial Technology Companies and had been consequently listed on Singapore’s Stock Exchange (SGX).

Preliminary Impressions

With Ayondo’s regulatory status and the various recognition that it had received, it is easy to assume that Ayondo is not only a legitimate brokerage firm, but trading with it would possibly render handsome profits.

While this is the case, the reader of this review is nevertheless encouraged to read on to find out more on why the firm enjoys a positive image online.

Is Ayondo a Brokerage Firm We Can Rely On?

Offers and Services

Accessible Trading Instruments

Through Ayondo, clients will be able to trade through different markets, specifically in the Currencies, Indices, Shares, ETFs, and the Commodities markets. In addition, the firm allows for interest rates with Bonds.

A sample of the Spreads that come with the assets tradable through Ayondo can be seen in the table below:

Crude Oil WTI5

The variable margins or spreads that the brokerage offers do not bear any volatility impact on the asset’s actual value. Risks are effectively limited through guaranteed Stop Loss with no commissions given, only Spreads.

Ayondo also allows for Overnight Funding or Swap Rates charged at 2.5%. The additional costs that clients are to observe are detailed below:

Germany 30 Rolling (24h)12,316.112,317.11.0
UK 100 Rolling (24h)7,497.07,498.01.0
Wall Street Index26,958.026,960.02.0

Offered Leverage Conditions

The leverage conditions offered through Ayondo are limited through FCA and BaFIN’s stringent restrictions. The maximum leverage for major currency pairs are at 1:30, for minor currencies it is at 1:20, and for commodities, 1:10.

Available Trading Accounts

Traders may choose among the three trading accounts, these are:

  • Social Trading Follower Account
  • Social Trading Top Trader Account
  • CFD or Spread Betting Account

Traders may be able to open any of these accounts through a minimum deposit of only $100. However, it is apparent that the required amount to maintain these accounts will increase in the long run, especially with the Social Trading Account that will eventually demand $2,000 to maintain.

Deposits made through cards are not charged, save for the cards that have been issued outside the European Economic Area or simply EEA.

Offered Trading Account

Ayondo offers only one trading platform. Its proprietary software, TradeHub functions speedily and renders accurate trade executions. The platform’s user interface is intuitive enough for novice traders to use with ease. Traders searching through functions would be able to find what they are looking for through filtering functions.

The charts and tools are highly customizable as it is developed for novice traders. 

Trade with Ayondo Today!

The trading conditions that Ayondo fosters are highly attractive with the fees being competitive. These being said, trading with the firm might be a good option for one who is just starting a career in trading. 

The following facets of Ayondo’s business have been found to be sound by the review team:

1. The trading instruments accessible to Ayondo’s clients

2. The offered proprietary trading platform, TradeHub

3. The Leverages and Spreads that are availed through the trades executed through the clients’ trades

4. The firm’s regulatory status